Customgroups app for Nextcloud

Hi, people.

I migrated from Owncloud 10.3 to Nextcloud 12.3.

In Owncloud I have an app called customgroups that let users create their own custom groups.

I tried to keep using that app in Nextcloud, but it didn’t work.

I created a fork of customgroups repository and started to change it for enabling to Nextcloud.

After studying a little the app development documentation and understand a minimal of architecture and flow of Nextcloud, I got to enable customgroups app for Nextcloud in branch master. Now I get to create and delete groups and add and remove users from groups.

I am making some adjustments now, but I believe that already is time to propose this app for Nextcloud.

Then, I would like to ask guidelines for that. I think that I had to create a new repository for this app. My doubt is what should I do to Nextcloud community evaluate it.


Use the Circles app instead.
Nextcloud > Apps > Social & Communication / Tools

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Thank you, @anon99252149. I and my fellows have tested circles and I open a topic about it in specific category.