Recommended way to run Nextcloudpi on RaspberryPi 4 (or 5)

Hi all,

I wonder, what is the best or recommended way to run nextcloudpi on a Raspberry Pi, especially in view of upgrades and staying uptodate.

When I started with nextcloudpi a few years back, I wanted 64bit support for large files. However, back then there was no officially supported 64bit RaspberryPi OS, but I got it to work somehow anyway. In addition, I also made some other changes to nextcloudpi, like changing ports etc, because I had other services running on the Pi.

To cut a long story short, I have been struggling with updates ever since, because of the changes I made, until my installation eventually broke a few days ago. I don’t mind, because I have backups, and because I’m ready to start with a fresh install.

Now I wonder, what the best option is:

• I assume it would be Docker, because it makes managing dependencies/upgrades so much easier. However, I found (at least a few years back when I started) that the overhead of running nextcloudpi with docker on a Raspberry Pi 4 is quite big, and that performance is much lower than with a classic install. Maybe, this will become better with the Raspberry Pi 5. However, I also read, that the future development of the Docker-version is currently uncertain?!

• Classic install
o Should I use an RaspberryPi OS image provided by nextcloudpi? I understand this only includes the OS and dependencies and nextcloudpi has to be installed on top of it, is that correct?
o Or use the latest OS provided by Raspberry Pi. That would be bookworm, but there doesn’t seem to be support for bookworm from nextcloudpi yet. However, if I start fresh, I’d be keen to start with the latest version of the OS.

• Any other option?

I’m curious, what your thoughts/suggestions regarding this are.

With many thanks

Actually the NCP apporach is the best option for PI’s today.

The product has matured tremendously and I can recommend it for PI kits.
I would - however - also recommend a classic install, however utilizing some sort of containers (either docker or LXC).

NextcloudPI is available on LXC
All-in-One docker image is another option. ← this is would be the tool since you use Docker.

That was becase you used the ncp arm64 docker image, as opposed to waiting for a pi-specific release.

Yes, but not in the case of ncp. Docker has never been the focus in terms of upgrades or dependecies, which is roadmapped to change in the future. For now you can use the All-In-One docker image.

Only had trouble with that over microsd cards or network speeds. If you use an SSD drive over usb 3.0 as your storage device you should have no difficulty with performance.

I use Docker image from It works perfect.

I’m using the standard Docker image of Nextcloud since it’s official (I used mine before that) and not the all in one. With docker compose, it’s very easy to setup, it runs smoothly on a Pi4 with 4GB of RAM and the updates run like a breeze.

Thanks. I’ve done a couple of “test installs” in order to try the different options.

I’m quite happy with the way ncp works and will go down that route this time.

One more question: do you recommend to have the various auto update options in ncp enabled?

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