Migrating from Pi 4 to Pi 5


Since I will do a migration from Raspi 4 to 5 in the next weeks I have similar thoughts of which NC derivate to use.

Here some things I came across:

Some people claim NCP uses less memory than AIO around 0.5-1GB less.

NCP and AIO both use Borg Backup.

If you planning to use Docker, I strongly advise against the NCP Docker Image. This image is not official. They only update it every 3 Months and I am not sure if it is even planned to be continued. I migrated from NCP Docker a year ago because they had a warning that NCP Docker will be discontinued.

Both AIO and NCP are official NextCloud derivates.

A strong argument for me now was looking at the GitHub issues of NCP and AIO. As of today (2023-12-22), AIO has 920 closed and 13 open issues while NCP has 1365 closed and 145 open issues. This numbers make AIO look like the more stable version although we don’t know how many people use AIO and NCP.

Since I got a Raspi with 8GB I assume I will live the higher memory usage and live the advantages of a dockerized version.

Docker support is officially discontinued in ncp as explained at docs.nextcloudpi.com
You’ll want to use aio if you want Docker.
You are the first person who has even mentioned owning a Pi 5, so it has not been tested yet on ncp

Pi 5 is not yet supported on ncp, because none of us have been able to test it yet. If you think that company wants to send the dev Pi 5’s for free to test and develop, please help make that happen. We have to wait and pay for the devices to test as we can, which kind of sucks. :smile: Your best bet is to continue using the Pi 4 image on the Pi 5, assuming it is supported as plug and play (same thing as people did with using Pi 3 images in Pi 4).

This is a non-comparison because ncp has been around almost a decade while AIO has been around more like a single year. AIO is built by the company so it will always have a faster development cycle than the all volunteer ncp, which is a good thing.

Thank you for your answer!
I don’t align that the comparison of the github issues is a non-comparison. While everything you said is true, the github issues still show that there were more issues found in a shorter time in AIO while less of issues are open.
I still will stick to the AIO solution. However, I don’t think there is a correct way and both solutions are good.

Or is it the ncp dev is less willing to close the tickets because they are feature requests, and it is more or.less a single person managing everything.

Issue means someone filed a ticket that is open, not that it is a problem that wasn’t addressed.

I built a custom Docker image from the official Nextcloud image, which works with the Raspberry Pi 4 and 5. The Docker stack includes a container for Nextcloud, MySQL database, and a Redis Cache Server. I have also added the fixes for adding more PHP memory and adding additional PHP extensions. Video Thumbnails are also supported.

Feel Free to take a look and test it out for yourself. If it all works well for you, please let me know, as I am trying to make sure my custom image is quick and easy for anyone else to use. Also, feel free to explore other containers I have in my git repo, which are fully functional on the Raspberry Pi, such as WordPress, File browser, Nginx Reverse Proxy, and others.