Rebuild my micro SD card

I just purchased a Next Cloud Box and broke my micro sd card. Is it possible to get a copy of the software which came on the card so I can create a new one?


Hi @ssmythinva,

There is no one-click image available currently, but I think this is a good point. (Could we have such an image @oparoz) The first thing you could do is building an image yourself.

You can find instructions about Ubuntu Core on the Raspberry Pi here:

The snap of Nextcloud can be found here (, but you can simply install it with $ sudo snap install nextcloud :wink:

If you need more assistance, or this does not solve the problem for you, feel free to ask here in the forum :sun_with_face:

Unfortunately, you cannot install Snappy on the SD card like you do on a Linux desktop/server and we currently don’t have an image that we can ship. we’re working towards making this available to all users, but the only solution right now is to restore the image from a backup.

Thanks for the feedback.
I was able to rebuild a micro sd card and have NextCloud 10 execute properly from a browser after the initial build.

After re-booting my Raspberry PI 2 and keying the IP address in my browser, The NextCloud server connects but the graphical portion of the server is not presented. The server seems to be stuck in a loop display on a blank screen.

Should I have executed a step prior to re-booting the Rasp PI.

Any ideas?

I have a similar problem with it.

Could a second SD card be ordered?

@ssmythinva - If you’ve used the Nextcloud Box image, you need to follow these instructions to update it:

@Josu Unfortunately, no, but the image should be available soon.

I would love to see the image online soon. My nextcloudbox wont work since i build it following the diagram. I would try the raspi with a stock raspbian, but this would require a new sd-card. If i could download the image i could use the very same sd-card.

I managed to break my sd card too, and cannot start my nextcloud box because of this. Does anybody have an idea on how to fix it? (Build an image myself is not an option, I am too much of a newbie for that kind of operation :wink: )

Thanks in advance,


Same here, broke my card too… Is there any news on when the SD card image will be made available?

Is there a hidden image on the SD card you can re-activate to start from scratch?

Can’t we provide this image publicly? If it is always the same, someone with a working setup could just copy and upload this image?

Hey guys,

It would wonder me :confused: … I’m sorry about that, but I think we all need to wait, until the image with Ubuntu Core and Nextcloud which is used for the Nextcloud Box is released. The Image should be available soon, but until then - if you think something on your SD card is broken (or with the box in general) - and you think your problem is covered by the warranty you may want to consider about contacting the WD Labs Support - the seller of the Nextcloud Box:



I’ll make a copy of my SD card this week. Anyone who needs it can contact me privately and will be forwarded a temporary link when available. Note - you’ll need to understand how to write an image to an SD card, there’s plenty of tutorials online for this.

The whole “soon” thing has been anything but, and I don’t think it’s fair to ask paying customers to figure out how to rebuild the server themselves.

Edit: No need to justify your request if you contact me, as interesting as the stories I’ve heard so far have been I’m more than happy to just receive a “please could I have the link to the image, thank you”.


That was the first thing I did, and they told me to get to the Nextcloud Team for support on this matter, as only the hdd part is from them. Right now I am trying to install Ubuntu Snappy Core on my device to install the nextcloud snap afterwards… I am not sure this will be the same than the “official” image on the sd-card.

For the moment I am stuck at Ubuntu SSO Login, as I don’t see the need to send a (public) key to an external provider to set up a local cloud solution…

But maybe that’s the reason there’s no official NextcloudBox Image yet, as this procedure could make the keys used on the NextcloudBox public (sorry, I cannot explain my point better than this, as I wrote above, I am too much of a newbie with these matters)

I believe the public key is used in the generation of the download/install to provide immediate passwordless login to the snappy core. From Canonical’s perspective, imagine the outcry if in 4 years of IoT penetration some independent body publishes figures showing 56% of all Core installs public to the internet still use ubuntu/ubuntu for login. lol.

Thanks for the reply. I finally managed to get through the process of installing ubuntu core on my raspberry (configuring the network was complicated, I had to unplug my lan cable and configure it manually to dhcp, then the network setup would run and get stuck at 66%. I then replugged the cable and setup resumed). In the end I proceeded as asked, and after I was able to login through ssh, I installed the nextcloud snap.

So now my installation is running on my nextcloud box. Is this the same kind of installation than what was available on the sd card?

By putting an image of the sd card online, wouldn’t the public key be available either? And wouldn’t that be some kind of security risk?

Just asking and trying to understand why it seems to be quite hard to make the image available for downloads.

No, the original build was something of a mis-match of ubuntu server and snaps, rather than core. Hence the relunctance to distribute it as it’s not the build they wanted to promote.

The original build doesn’t feature the public key of anything - but if it did it would mean some single person with that key would have access to all instances. I imagine these issues are likely the cause of delay for the new build that requires a pubkey.

I now have both a Gnome Disks .img file and a traditional DD .bin file available.

Out of respect for the devs who don’t want the image published I won’t put a public link up. Anyone needing a copy of the sdcard image can contact me either through the forum DM system or via my site (linked in profile) and I’ll provide a link with a set expiry date.

Edit: No need to justify your request if you contact me, as interesting as the stories I’ve heard so far have been I’m more than happy to just receive a “please could I have the link to the image, thank you”.


Thanks Jason for the explanations. I now understand a little better what kind of installation I have… and if I were paranoid, I would, now that the system is up and running, create a new public/private key pair and pack the public key directly to the sd card, to replace the one that I uploaded to the Ubuntu server :wink:

That’s it, just as with the other pre-built images on offer for the Pi’s, Vagrants and dockers that have set users/passwords, once you’re in and have control you can revoke everything and setup your own authentication methods :slight_smile:

Thanks. I guess I am not that much of a newbie anymore if I got that right :wink: