Raspberry Pi Zero W - Unsupported?

Hey guys, interesting project you have. I just tried to get Nextcloudpi working on a Raspberry Pi Zero W - it doesn’t seem to work out of the box. Not that it is a perfectly good idea, Zero would probably not be convenient anyway.

Main problem seems to be the PPA used for PHP7.2, provided debian packages require ARM7, Zero is on ARM6.

Maybe updating the bit on the webpage saying “Raspberry Pi (all models)” should be updated.


Welcome @The_Ironcity and thanks for taking time to report.
Yes, you are correct arm6 is not supported by NCP
Thanks for including link to

So someone may correct (it used to be supported, but no longer is)
NCP and it’s wiki is open to anyone who wishes to contribute.

Weird that it doesn’t run on a zero. It even works on a Pi1…??

We used to have Nextcloud on UBOS armv6h (Pi 1 and Zero), but it’s simply too painfully slow to be useful, so we recently removed it.

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I, for one, speak in praise of setting a lower dotted line somewhere, in terms of performance, and saying a given computer or SBC must be over that dotted line to use Nextcloud on.

Myself, I’m quite happy with running Nextcloud on a $5 USD/month VPS, which has 1GB of RAM, which is plenty.

I installed Nextcloud in Debian there with the 2 commands:
snap install nextcloud --channel=14
nextcloud.enable-https lets-encrypt

…And then I could log in and create my admin user account. No messing around with DynDNS, as the VPS gets a static IP.

My point is, guys, do you really need to be that excruciatingly cheap?

If I had my way, everyone would pretty much have their own cheap (as in $5/ month), personal Nextcloud server (BYOS: Bring Your Own Server), then federate with the Nextcloud servers of others as necessary when you need to share something.

armv6 models like raspberrypi 1 and zero are supported again

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Any pointers on easy guides for installation on those versions? Or just follow Docs on NExtcloupdi?