Raspberry Pi 3 availability

Can somebody tell more accurately when support for RPi 3 will come?

I have it running on a Raspberry Pi3.
Using webmin/virtualmin on debian 8 (for easier maintenance of all other crap that runs on the Pi in virtual hosts)
You cannot install Virtualmin directly, you have to do that as a webmin module. Webmin can install directly on the Pi3 with Debian.
After that check PHP versions and (re)install all other modules needed.

On my Pi3, NextCloud runs on Apache 2.4.10, PHP 7.0 and MySQL 5.5.53 Using an external mounted harddisk for the data folder, makes it work like a charm.

I myself now am waiting for Collabora Online DE to become available for Pi3…the docker doesn’t run on ARM

I use NC on Raspberry Pi 3 with Arch Linux installed
Started from v.10 now successfully upgraded to v.11

Good question

The new compute module of the pi3 is out and should be interesting to see where they go with clusters.

I think that is why SLES is going all out ARM with there 64bit version.

I am still finding the surplus of old i386 gear on ebay much cheaper than SBC versions when it comes to bang for bucks, but guess the running costs in electricity does start to add up.

Shame the docker container doesn’t cross platforms as actually that is quite a stopper…

I recently made a successful attempt on running the Nextlocud snap on Ubuntu Snappy Core on Pi3. My first real experience with Nextlocud, and it seem’s to function well.

I followed this tutorial: https://flexion.org/posts/2016-12-raspberry-pi-3-powered-nextcloud-box-on-ubuntu-core/
as well as the documentation on https://github.com/nextcloud/nextcloud-snap/wiki

PS I donated my Raspberry PI3 to someone and actually must get another.

What happens if you install docker ?

Its one command to install curl -sSL https://get.docker.com | sh

Out of interest what happens when you try docker pull collabora/code ?
As really its just a matter of Collabora building a 32bit raspbian version if that doesn’t work.

I have just been building on a celeron I686!!! always wondered why I wouldn’t touch one with a barge pole.

I’ve install Nextcloud of my RPI3 and it’s work quietly good. How to install that! can you on my YouTube channel see. https://youtu.be/pYo6seF29ts


I have been running NC 11 on Rpi2 and Rpi3.

I created a system to generate Nextcloud 11 enabled Rpi images. Also I share the image itself

You can get it at


Hope it helps and it saves people time

Looks good indeed. What if you would stop maintaining it, can we just manually update NextCloud?


I plan to continue maintaining it, but of course, if you look at the installation code, you will see that is just a manual installation over a Raspbian 8 image, so the official methods apply


Someone at my blog asked also about ugrades. See the answer here


So long story short, you can upgrade via Updater app or via occ command whenever it suits you. At least you save yourself the trouble of configuring apache, PHP and mysql.


Also I intend to continue adding things that make sense to the image. I already have a release that includes fail2ban, and more is to come :slight_smile:


I have had mine running perfectly for months on a

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I tried to install the image using your instructions. Everything copies over fine to the SD card however when I insert it in RPi and boot it, I don’t get any output. Tried it on 32GB SD card and 4GB SD card. Any idea what could be wrong?

how are you copying it? it is just a Raspbian image, so you could try the same procedure with a Raspbian image

nachoparker, could you make a tutorial to include the WD pidrive?

sorry, I don’t own one. What is really the benefit over a regular external USB drive?

Also, if I understand correctly, it ships with its own image-in-SDcard so it wouldn’t work on NextCloudPi, right?

unless I installed the whole OS in the pidrive, maybe?

See also here: Nextcloud Box Beta image for Raspberry Pi 3

a Nc Box new image by Canonical.

There’s a new image being created but it consists of two separate ones, Pi2 and Pi3. We are discussing how to handle that…

there is definitivley no benefit from a standard HD. I tried the ownyourbits image, it runs great, but I’ve got a hard time with the hard drive. Will be great for noobs to have a support to mount & set up the hard drive

why dont you just use a single image, like I do in NextCloudPi?

I am sure there is a good reason ^^

Thank you,

I know, I have been requested this many times. It will come soon :wink:

For now, though you will have to follow a tutorial to write /etc/fstab