Nextcloud Box Beta image for Raspberry Pi 3

Hi all!!

We have an image for you to test and play with. It isn’t perfect, its biggest flaw right now is the ‘rainbow’ issue, where it complains about not enough power from the power supply. In reality, that should be fine.

One new feature is a new security mechanism - we have documentation in progress which is currently not correct yet but in short, you have to create an Ubuntu SSO account generate an special file to put on an USB stick and put the stick in the Box. Then you can ssh in using a password.

You need, for now, Ubuntu to generate the key, in the future there will be a web interface. If you connect a monitor/keyboard, you can make it work too.

We will update the instructions during this week (hackweek!!!)

Let us know how it is working for you!


Thanks you team! :slight_smile:
This iso file is the ubuntu core operating system with preinstalled Nextcloud server?
Just the pre installed operating system of nextcloud box?

Great, gonna give this a whirl on the weekend. Thanks for the rpi3 image!

Please update us with a link when the PI 3 documentation is available. Reviewing all documentation that you linked, they all date prior to the release. I don’t mind testing the beta, but I refuse to thrash just to connect via SSH.

Anyone understand the process? Point us to an alternative guide?

Thank you.

I completed the installation successfully!

These documents were all I needed.




I think that was everything I did to complete the setup.

Note 1:
If you need to start from scratch, the article on the wiki appears to be for the PI 2 and not applicable to the most recent build for the PI 3. The article linked below references “root=/dev/sda2” in the cmdline.txt file as cited for #5. There is no such entry in the file.

I will have to explore other options.

Note 2:
I did thrash for several minutes after creating an Ubuntu One account and adding the public SSH key. It does not happen immediately and took about five minutes for the key to propagate so I could complete the install. I am not terribly patient. :smiley:

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you can also be interested in NextCloudPi, ready to use images featuring NC 11 over Raspbian with many extras. Compatible with Raspberry Pi 3 and 2


Raspbian 8 Jessie
Nextcloud 11.0.2
Apache 2.4.25, with HTTP2 enabled
PHP 7.0 (double the speed of PHP5!)
MariaDB 10
4.9.13 Linux Kernel ( NEW 03-13-2017 )
nextcloudpi-config for easy setup ( RAM logs, USB drive and more )
Automatic redirection to HTTPS
ACPU PHP cache
PHP Zend OPcache enabled with file cache
Cron jobs for Nextcloud
Sane configuration defaults


Wi-Fi ready ( NEW 03-31-2017 )
Automatic security updates, activated by default. ( NEW 03-21-2017 )
Let’s Ecrypt for trusted HTTPS certificates.(  NEW 03-16-2017 )
Fail2Ban protection against brute force attacks. ( NEW 02-24-2017 )
Dynamic DNS support for ( NEW 03-05-2017 )
dnsmasq DNS server with DNS cache ( NEW 03-09-2017 )
ModSecurity Web Application Firewall ( NEW 03-23-2017 )
Remote updates ( NEW 03-31-2017 )

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Thanks a lot for the links. I gasped several time during the installation (empty screen and nothing happening…) and the linked description is rather short, but I got Nextckoud Box running on my Raspberry Pi 3 and all files stimm are available. :tada:

At the end I did a snap refresh and this seemed to fix a couple of errors, that occurred during my installation (e.g. browser only showing a “500 Internal Server Error”).

A big thank you to @jospoortvliet – I have bothered him for too long here in the forums with questions, when the new image would be available.

(And finally my daughter can use her Raspberry Pi 2 again and continue to fiddle with her Scratch programs.) :grinning:

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You are welcome!

I am up and running with no issues at this point, but I did do a wipe and reinstall. There is got to be a better way but to start over I did the following:

  1. Shutdown and disconnect power
  2. Reimage the sdcard
  3. Connect the 1 TB drive using a USB cable–I had one from an old external drive
  4. Connect the 1 TB drive to a Linux workstation or whatever
  5. Using gnome-disks or gparted, delete the partition on the 1 TB drive
  6. Reassemble and boot

If someone knows a better process, please share.

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The full OS (snap, Ubuntu 16.04 I think, or later) plus the Nextcloud snap.

Be warned, this totally erased my disk without warning :rage: all I did was :-

  1. Burn the image from the link at the very top of here onto an microSD
  2. Insert into the Pi2 with disk connected
  3. Power back on
  4. Went back to another OS that was previously on the Pi2’s microSD - NO data on the disk ! only ‘linux stuff’ …

Is this normal behaviour ?

I also tried an image from Ownyourownbits but that was VERY slow on a Pi2


Any update schedule for pi3 Snap version?

Sjees, yes, this is normal behavior, and I wanted to look up the wiki page where that is documented but I can’t find it so it is clearly not obvious enough. I put a note here:

I’m sorry!

You can find working images on the download server and we have updated images that we will announce in the 2nd week of May.

Thanks !, I think I’m over it now :slight_smile: . I had no idea how snap worked - I still don’t really. But I think I’ll get a PI3 and a Nextcloud Box that’s all I need I guess ? as it includes everything (Box,HD,PSU,cable,mSD card) apart from a PI What I would really like to do is run Nexcloud on a PI2 (currently running Openmediavault) and transfer OMV over to the new Nextcloud box and have a share on OMV for Nextcloud on the PI2 if tha makes sense. That way I can have the functionality of Nextcloud and OMV, transferring off of Dropbox, Google and Box. I really like Nextcloud and use a free 500mb (test) online with


How do SSH in please or enable it - I’m trying to use a USB thumb drive for storage and can’t figure out how to add it (under local storage)

Did you remove any partition on the internal drive? I did the same, but the Raspberry Pi 3 image doesn’t start with the NC installation. It fails after some time and tells me, that it couldn’t “LABEL=writable”. So, I created one partition and assigned the label “writable”. But still no success.

2nd week of may…look forward to test it

2nd week of may…?

No deadline has been met yet!

Very frustrating …

It was suppose to be published in 2017, i m really frustrated…especially when people such as natchopacker are sucessfull on their own

I’m really sorry about it :frowning:
We just keep bumping into issues. Now we discovered our Raspberry Pi2 images are not compatible with revision 1.2 of the Raspberry Pi2 so we’ll probably will go Raspberry Pi3 only. I’ve asked @LukasReschke to put the files on the downloadserver asap, we’ll announce it after Nc 12 is out (next week).