Ranting of unhappy user

DO NOT migrate to NC !!! Never ever do it.
Look for other software.

Everyone is able to do his own choice.

It is not because YOU have deal with a bad NC experience due to bad luck or lack of competence that you need to denigrate or rant permanently like in your precedent post !


YOU dont like NC, PERFECT.
YOU dont respect those uncompetent asses, this is your right.
You want to switch to another software, even pay for it, PERFECT
I respect your freedom.
So, in exchange, start respecting our, stop RANTING stupid useless message like your.

You said yourself and i agree BYE BYE.
Go see elsewhere is the grass is greener. Go pay some asses elsewhere.

OR put your acts together and help with smart ideas and support.

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Harsh words being said, but with respect. Thats what I like very much. And hell no - being straightforward doesnt mean being respectfull.

You know why Im ok with paying someone for their software? Because then, when (paying) user submits ticket (bug report) its dealt with (almost) immediately as there is always someone (employee) on stand-by watching for new tickets and responding to/act upon them…

Not going to happen? Why? I do not invest my resources into projects I clearly see having no future…

Again, your rights, but please, stop wasting our time because WE DO SEE A FUTUR.

could you discuss this via pm? would be nice. thanks.

dear stratege. please always have in mind: dftt!

I’m closing to avoid waste of your time.