Unable to update 15.07 (or .7) >> 16.0.1 (latest)

Bear with me as Im literally furious and thinking of moving out of Nextcloud for good.
Two things, but comming up as one topic. Update to latest.

Im long time head admin of our in-company NC instance (since probably NC 11 or so). To this day we have been happy with NC - (almost) no administrative hassle, nice, ever changing UI, users happy… nice time :slight_smile:

Yesterday after logging to ACP I noticed there is an update waiting. Thought thats nice. Gave it a go. And here is where things started to turn nasty,

OS:: Ubuntu Server 18.04.2
WebServer: Apache 2.4

This so called updater is broken heavily. Every time I start update, there is a redirect to where it starts (I suspect that start button redirects to page where its placed).

And there is no way of updating NC !! CLI updater hangs also.

And now comes second issue. even after logging out from NC, NC keeps spamming my system’s notification area with message that update is available.

Throughout the internet I have read that its not only me with such problems.

What the hell is going on with NC? It once was my go-to as it comes to cloud storage software. Its anymore…

well - I have not yet updated to latest. Im still on 15.7
OK some sort of workaround to second of my issues :: I disabled app named updatenotifications

This does not solve first one in any way…

And yes - Im looking for an alternative to NC. May be paid one - I don t really care. What I care for greatly is logical development path.

I would disable app for app and try again

here: https://gsuite.google.com/products/drive/

You mean app by app, correct?

Of corse

so good-bye. was nice while it lasted. have fun wherever the path might lead you.

just a few things i want to add:

  • you claim to be a prof admin for your company. so you SHOULD know that taking backups is mandatory. (so that in case there would be a way back without much dataloss)
  • you also should be aware that real admins of productive systems always would try a new version on a testsystem first.
  • as you seem to work for a existing company and you guys run NC as a productive system (it seem to have worked flawlessly for several years, already) you could think of buying some business-support from nextcloud, inc - instead of ranting out about everything on their community forum.
  • i really advise you to rethink the words you use. even if you might be furious. it’s no excuse for getting rude.

and so i wanted to let you know that i have flagged your last comment as being inapproriate and violating any netiquette.

maybe a last thought about your complaint about developpers doing nothing. nextcloud is open source. which means: everyone could and should take part in the developping of the code. “everyone” includes YOU as well. so why do you keep doing nothing, then? and since you are a potential developper as well, your own rudness falls back onto yourself.


Im taking backups more than you think…

Im well aware of this. We have more than dozen test instances which are 1:1 copies of their respective prod equivalents. And yes, we do test every piece of software well before putting it on prod instances…

Never will I, or anyone from my department, pay for free software. NEVER

It is always nice to see people leaving … BYE BYE.

In life, you have 2 options:

  • Complaining
  • Acting

I wish another exist, but seem life is unfair.

Will bite::

By acting you mean developing? Assure you this will not happen.
If you mean acting as actor/s do, Im not an actor so forget.

It’s a very hot discussion here. Failed updates make everybody angry.

For the developers to step in, in needs a bug report on the bug tracker with more information they can work with. There is a template that you can share the necessary information about your setup and more details about the error. Then, if there is a bug it should be solved some time.

You would not be paying for the software, you would pay for the service. In the most expensive version, you get developers stand-by during upgrades, so issues can be quickly fixed.

Seriously? They certainly can’t reply to everybody but serious issues are dealt with in general (it can take longer than we’d like it to be).

I’ll let this topic auto-close, this discussion is not leading anywhere.


So you have backup, that’s fantastic.

You are the head NC admin at your company.

Why not a manual upgrade? https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/16/admin_manual/maintenance/manual_upgrade.html

It’s not taxing or arduous, you’d have it all done in less than hour including tea breaks. It just not clicking a button.

If this and nothing else is an option Gsuite and I will be happy to welcome you. I’m a Gsuite reseller also, so just £9.20 per user for GSuite Business or £4.60 for Basic. How many users do you need to migrate. The cost will be users x plan cost per month e.g 10 users on GSuite Business will be £96.00 per month.

However I personally use NC for all my file, sync, share, calendar, contacts, backups, chat, talk, etc at a net cost of £0.

By the way NC isn’t free, many people put hundreds of hours into Nextcloud without payment, forum users give their own time and experience without charge, this isn’t free, but freely given like the code. If you want to improve or fix NC I’m sure you’d be very welcome to contribute, or you could Pull the code, fix what isn’t working for you and deploy it for your company.

I’m sure a manual update will be much quicker, less expensive and less stressful than going to another product, evaluating, deploying and migrating.

The World is an imperfect place, full of imperfect people, running imperfect code, all we can do is try and make the world, us and the code better.

If none of that appeals sorry to see you go. Best of luck with the migration.

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Tried manual update many times in fact. Also no luck here…
You want me to publicluy share details of my server(s) setup? Really?
If - for you - inability to update - especially when there is clear notice of update available in Admin Area - is not serious thing than Im literally speechless.

And unfortunatelly none of whats been said here (in this topic) appeals to me. We (as a IT department) are currently testing (on test instances) alternative software. So far, so good :slight_smile: Lets wait till version update…

Take care :slight_smile:

It sounds frustrating. I had issues upgrading too; the ./occ upgrade command would just hang after turning on debug mode.

In my case I was running the nextcloud Docker image in Kubernetes, and attached /var/www/html via an NFS mount. For whatever reason, upgrading stopped working that way (it used to work fine). I ended up using rsync to clone the /var/www/html directory to pod storage (/tmp/html), running /tmp/html/occ upgrade, and then using rsync to put the upgraded files back on NFS.

I know it’s probably not the problem you’re running into, but there’s a chance that it is (or that someone with the same problem will see my reply and it will help them), and I figured I’d try to help. I couldn’t tell what the specific issue is that you’re having, as there wasn’t much detailed information provided. If you’re struggling with the idea of disabling each app and trying the upgrade, you could achieve this with a pretty simple shell script.

If not, remember that the people who are replying to you are users just like you; we’re here out of common interest, and if our solutions don’t work for you, lashing out probably won’t make the situation any better.

Best of luck! I hope whatever the problem is you’re able to resolve it, even if it means migrating to another solution.

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Correct. These are only people. But - they (almost all) developers) have one thing in common… they dont know how to react to someone criticising them.
Its extremely hard and frustrating as hell, when you say what you think and - in return - are reprimended. It puts people off.


My issue has nothing to do with NFS. Nor Docker/Kubernetes or any other containers’ enviroment.

You don’t want to share details, you are going to use different software, so what’s the point of staying here and wasting our time? You are using a free software, want to use a free community and expect them to guess what you problem is. And the only one being paid for this is you!


Details of my setup are not to be revealed unless -ed by VTESumo or other anti-pire agent.

All I can say is that NC has been working for us from the very beginning and its been updating without any kind of problems.

As there are more topics here about people havung problems updating to latest, I assume its not only me having such problems. That also points out that team is not knowledgeable enough to fix it. Instead they prefer to move the responsibility to the users… and therefore disqualify the software from being used…

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