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I installed Nextcloud 16 on a VM and connected to my LDAP. I see the list of users, all of them. But the user names on the Users list turned into something like 1a766401-2b7311e8-841fbcdf-1b2572c4. It is hard to search for them. Then I found here information that says a tag sAMAccountName was needed as the Internal Username in the Expert tab. Then I added a new user via LDAP, hoping to see a proper name on the list of users with proper names. But it did not resolve the problem. What else could be wrong? Please, help!

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i am no expert in ldap but i think i do remember a post here in the forum where someone said that these “random” names do indeed look like the UID. so maybe you have just put the identifier wrong?

Thanks JimmyKater. Could you please elaborate which identify to use instead?

i would if i’d just would know it myself without searching the forum… but wells… as i said: i’m not into ldap and short in time as well… so would your mind searching yourself and linking the correct answer to here as well?

thanks in advance

Problem is resolved. The culprit was the encoding that I used for PostgreSQL, which for unknown reasons was left as Unicode. Recreated the database with UTF-8 and everything worked as expected.

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There is nothing wrong with your setup… This is what LDAP in Nextcloud does… If you are running a test cloud you could fix this before creating users next time…
In your Nextcloud page go to Settings - LDAP / AD integration - Expert. and in the field of “Internal Username” you can write “uid” without the quotations. This will make the username just like you choose it.

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darn ali… this seems to be exactly the thing i couldn’t recall and what i think would be a valid solution as well…

thanks for posting this!

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Happy to be the one helping

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