Nextcloud username for LDAP accounts


I am in the process of setting up nextcloud for my home, connecting it to my LDAP backend.
Ive successfully done it, but im having some issues with the username being identified with _ in nextcloud

So, for my local nextcloud users i have usernames like “james”, “carl” etc.
but for my ldap users it recieves a username like _3192, _3911 etc

How can i make it so usernames on LDAP users is, forexample the sAMAccountName?

thanks in advance

If I remember correctly, you just need to set sAMAccountName as the Internal Username in the Expert tab. That’s how ours is configured and the usernames match the sAMAccountName from AD. If you leave it blank, it defaults to UUID which sounds like what you’re seeing.


I have same problem about fullname set as UUID in profil of LDAP users.

I try to put “uid” as value for internal Username in Expert tab. But it has changed nothing.

What have i to do to force nextcloud to set uid instead uuid for fullname value in user profil ?


So have you tried using ‘sAMAccountName’ instead of ‘uid’ for the internal username like I mentioned in my last post? I honestly don’t know if this applies to other directories besides Microsoft Active Directory, but it can’t hurt to try.


I use Oracle Directory Server for LDAP authentification.

And no sAMAccountName field, we use uid instead.

Thank for help