Question or new feature for Spreed.Me

Bonjour à tous, Hello everyone.

I’m asking to implement a new feature (or maybe it exsists already) into Spreed.Me module.

I’ve tested it on oC some weeks ago and it was awesome, but the documention isn’t well written, it wasn’t user(noob) friendly.

I’ve made it working with STUN and Multi Users in a conference worked perfect.

There is only a lack with this module inside oC or even without, there is no History of conversations between users. It’s too bad, because you log into with your oC ID, but after a log off when you’re back there’s nothing in memory. I’d like to implement it on my oC (maybe Nextcloud) prod server but users will prefer Skype because of History of conversations…

Please if you think it worth it put a thumb up…

Thank you Nextcloud team i’m 100% with you.


I think it’s an excellent idea, as long as users have the ability to delete conversations from their history.


I’m making a little UP for this topic.

The Nextcloud team posted a nice Tutoriel for Spreed.Me with Nextcloud.
It’s really important that the most users of Nextcloud knows that they can live without Skype.
Integrating secure, private video and audio chat in Nextcloud

But i don’t know where to start for making a Poll or asking to make an History of conversation in the Spreed.Me app. It’s really necessary for making a skype killer.