Qnap TS251 and NextCloud install

Hi All.
As the title says i have a Qnap TS251 and i am trying to install NextCloud on it.
I tried installing it manually with a QPKG, but it failed and gave me the message that installation failed and i need to install Qapache first.
I found a link to Qapache and tried installing that first but that installation failed as well.
I am running QTS version 4.3 software on the NAS.
Please help, and if possible provide links to downloads, i am reasonably tech savvy and don’t understand how such a simple thing can be so hard to set up.

There has been some problems that QNAP doesn’t ship a recent enough libxml version (must be 2.7.0 or newer) in some versions. Without that, you can’t run Nextcloud:

Nextcloud doesn’t ship the QPKG package, so if you experience problems with that you should report it to the developer/company/community who provides this packages. If it requires the Qapache package, and the Qapache-package fails to install, you have to check with the support for the Qapache package. It then isn’t even the Nextcloud-QPKG!

Tip for future/other support requests: Give a more detailed description including error messages and logfiles. Like this nobody will be able to help you, except for some very generic debugging (did you try to turn it on and off again…) :grin:

Thanks for that.
I managed to download NextCloud on Qnap’s container station and ran it that way.
I then uninstalled it and then went back to the page that had all the links for NextCloud installation, and installed NextCloud again but installed the version that claimed not to have Qapache with it.
Anyway whatever happened it managed to install as an app rather than as a container so i managed to get the outcome i wanted in the end.
But now i have encountered another problem, NextCloud wont find my server on the Lan.