Is there a NC version for QNAP NAS?

We have 2 QNAP NAS in our home LAN, 3 computers / laptops and 2 smartphones (running Android 4.4 and 5).

The work NAS holding our data, currently around 6 TB, is a TS-251+ running QNAP O/S 4.3.3. It has a Celeron J1900 4 core CPU running @ 2 GHz, and has 2 GB RAM.

The 2nd NAS is the backup for the first, it’s a TS-459 Pro II running 4.2.6 and has 1 GB RAM. I don’t know what CPU it has.

Is there a Nextcloud readily available for QNAP? I have to say that I’m not familiar with the QNAP O/S, only know it from its web GUI. What I read here and here sounded way too complicated for me, I didn’t even understand everything there.

If Nextcloud for QNAP is available:

I want to automatically sync data from the computers with the NAS continuously, so that any new, changed, moved or deleted files are reproduced on the other devices as well, quickly (or soon after switching them on, or after the got into our LAN).

Some of the computers have 2 drives (SSD + HDD) (or more logical drives, one SSD is split up into 2 partitions to alternately run Windows 7 or Windows 10). They don’t have enough capacity to take up all the 6 TB of data from the NAS, so the sync software that I’m looking for should be able to allow me to selectively sync only certain files and folders from the total mass of data to the one or other computer, and there to selected folders on the different drives (SSD and HDD).

Is it possible with Nextcloud?

There is a Dockercontainer for Nextcloud. You can tryit on Containerstation (but I have not tried it).

There is a Qnap Nextcloud app from the Qnap Europe Club.

I’ve been using it for a year. It depends on Qapache having been installed already.

Have a look:

Hi Sean, but how is your memory consuming, my NC on Qnap consuming all available memory 14,5 GB. Do you have same issue?