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I have a couple of folders that I have set up and perminate public share points. I have set up a QR code and a sticker on customer sites and you scan the code and all the manuals and documents are there for the equipment.

I accidentally deleted the share off one folder and now it is different. How can I edit the URL, is it saved in the database somewhere I cannot find it. Or is there a file for shares.

Any help would be amazing thank you.

In the oc_share table, for each share you have a token. The download url consists of this token. You could manually take the newly added share and change the value to what it was before (it is in the URL of your QR code).

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There was an app for that: ShareRenamer - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud

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Nice thank you ill give it a good.

Sharerenamer, only works upto NC V17 I did look at its a pity would have been nice.

Thank you found in the database, and updating works nicely, thank you for your help.

good you solved the problem - maybe you could be so kind to document the solution so people don’t need to dig through the DB self?

Another approach for somebody who don’t like to change the DB is to setup a rewrite rule in the browser or reverse proxy. you could even have a pretty URL like which you forward to the effective share… but this more for fresh setup and doesn’t fit your problem.

HI WWE I beleave I have marked the solution correctly please let me know if anything else is required.

@danielc87 you are absolutely right - everything is good with your reaction.

I was asking for an extra: if your are so kind and

  • list commands you used with example output
  • users with less knowledge in SQL can perform this task following your guide…

I am using MYSQL Nextcloud Install from My SQL Schema name is Nextcloud Please adjust to suit your install.
command i ran to change
UPDATE Nextcloud.oc_share SET Nextcloud.oc_share.token = ‘SHARED LINK TEXT HERE’ WHERE id = ID OF ROW TO CHANGE

UPDATE Nextcloud.oc_share SET Nextcloud.oc_share.token = ‘kjhasdfsdjkfwer23’ WHERE id = 12

and this is the URL Example


I dream every day with an update of this app

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Has anyone cloned it in order to put a support group together to maintain or update it? How would that work…
Just asking

The app ShareRenamer can edit the DB entries to get custom URLs to share links.

Fell free to install it from official Nextcloud store:

At the momen I write it have support to Nextcloud v25

Another guy have a similar app, but it is not official at this moment