Migration from one to 2 servers lost paswords and share links

I am trying to secure an old Nextcloud instance by migrating it to 2 new servers with much more disk space.
Nextcloud version is 24.0.6.
I have rsync the old DocumentRoot from the old server to the 2 new ones, and I have adapted Apache configuration.
The data directory is under the DocumenRoot, so it has been integrally mirrored, including documents, .ocdata file.
The config.php including secret, instanceid, and passwordsalt is also identical after the complete rsync.
I also have setup on the two new servers a MySQL replication, and I have dump the database in maintenance mode on the old server, and reload on the new MySQl replicated pair. All data is there, identical to the original server.
The first new server (didn’t check the second new) is fully operative, but:

  • I had to reset my user password to access the application, and I can see all documents.
  • all share links I had with friends are gone

What is not correct in my migration process? All files and directories are rsynced and identical, all data from database are the same, the new server 1 is working fine and I access the documents/files on Nextcloud 24.0.6.
I would prefer not having to reset all passwords and recreate all share links.
What did I missed?

Thanks for help

Maybe you can first check the database if the shares are already there or missed. You can read this thread. Also the question are there no shares or are the shares wrong? Maybe you can post a screenshot if useful. Have you changed the name of your Nextcloud instance from e.g. cloud.server.tld to newcloud.server.tld? Also read Backup and Restore. Also there are documentations for server migration in the internet.