Public File drop ask for password

Hi, I try to use the public share upload only to allow the family to upload some picture but they server always ask for a username and password when we use drag and drop.

have you dared a peek into here?

you want anyone to upload anything or you want another authentication method?

I want anyone to uploade anything whene I provide them the link. when I recieve the file I will delete the public share. That way the people donot have to create a user password for something they will use 1 time.

Yes I look but on the video I don’t have the same link, I can’t set upload only + allow upload and editing

yes… you want upload only and no :heavy_check_mark: on password protect - that should work.

and maybe you want them to have a read only as well…

No just public upload. But the server always ask for user name and password

well… i’m afraid you’d need to post more details about your environement and server then since it really IS working the way the manual suggests…

NextCloud are installed on Cpanel server 8core/16threat, 32Go RAM, 4To HDD.
What information exactly you need?

um that sounds good… but it doesn’t really help. i was asking more about the setup… like which linux, which php, which database etc. usually there’s a template that opens automatically when opening a thread in category support - those things are not asked to make the problems of an issue-poster bigger but to give potenial helpers the possibility to really be of help.

well now that template got deleted in this thread… so there’s an app for nextcloud - i think it’s named issue-template or such. it should give all the infos that are needed. but i need to tell you that i am just lost with your issue so even if you would post the neccessary infos i am not sure that i could help further :frowning:

I just found the issue. My allocated space on my hosting for nextcloud was full. I empty it and now it’s working.

Why Nextcloud ask for username and password instead of telling use the folder are full or folder a locked?