[proxmox] Turnkey LXC, NCP or script?


I’m using a proxmox server with a extra zfs pool for the data. I want to use the system local for my familie and replace OneDrive. First I want to access NC from the local network and later through vpn if the mobile clients are not at home. The documents will be docx, pdf, media etc… normal stuff.

Now I have three options to install nextcloud

  1. Nextcloud | TurnKey GNU/Linux (turnkeylinux.org)
  2. Nextcloud Installationsanleitung - Carsten Rieger IT-Services (c-rieger.de)
  3. NextCloudPi [VM] on Proxmox - NextcloudPi Documentation - Nextcloud community

The installation of nc isn’t easy as far as I read. Therefor NCP is a great alternativ. But there is also a Turnkey LXC AND a great tutorial from Carsten Rieger also with a script. He provides also an update skript so the maintenance should be easy.

Now I’m a little bit lost? Which installation method should I prefer? Turnkey has no auto update and how secure is NCP?

What would you suggest and why?

Many different variants exists… most of them are better suited for specific situations. Nobody can tell you which flavor works best for you. maybe you like Hansson VM which could work good on Proxmox as well.

my personal recommendation is look through the docs a see which is most familiar for you in terms of used products, technologies etc… if you understand the installation guide take it. If you can’t follow the guide now, choose one you like and start learning missing parts. start slowly - install, play a little, brake things and learn to restore. once you feel comfortable move all your production data to the system.

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Thank you for your advise. I read during the holidays and I want to try NextCloudPi. I did start yet, so I will have a look at the Hansson VM and then decide which will fit in the first look better and evaluate it during the first use.

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good idea. …and if you later decide another variant fits better there is always a way to migrate.