Protocol and port number from the server to the clients?

Our team have installed a Nextcloud 12 instance on a Linode server.

We have computers in the college that will run the native clients to sync to it.

The college’s IT service team have asked us:

" Please provide IT with the protocol and port number from the server to the clients?"

I am guessing they mean http as the protocol and as it is https then it’s 443? or are the meaning what ports internally is it using?

Any help would be useful.



Dear Colm,

Nextcloud serves as a “Web-Service”:
If not changed from your side (or proxied through e.g. NGINX) then port 80 for http, port 443 for https and as well port 22 for ssh (please change if port 22 is still in use for SSH!) are used.

Inbound 80,443, (22)
Outbound: ANY

That is sufficient from Nextcloud perspective.
Cheers, Carsten


Thanks Carsten.

We appreciate the feedback, we will pass this information onto IT now.