Required outgoing ports?


which ports are required for nextcloud to work at https (443)?

Open are at the router via port forwarding 443 (incoming) for https.
[nextcloud] <β€” [router] <-- Port 443

The outgoing ports from the nextcloud, which port is required?
[nextcloud] β€”> [router] --> Ports ??
Port 80,443 are open and some other standard ports, but this apparently not enough.
nextcloud is not reachable, if I remove block for outgoing ports, it is reachable.

I found an old Post here:

Could someone explain why outbound is ANY ?
It should be at least some port range?

The source port will be 443 or 80. The destination port will be whatever ephemeral port was used by the client. When a firewall does not specify which it means, they are usually referring to the destination port and ignoring the source port.

A stateful firewall would normally take care of this automatically unless you have told it to block traffic leaving your network which is generally not necessary.