Proper Interface for Files Activity WebHooks


I’m trying to follow the example in the link but for getting “Filesystem Root” but the questions are:

  • what interface I should use instead of IUserManager in the line use OCP\IUserManager;
  • which one of these functions getRootFolder(), getUserFolder(), getAppFolder(). I should use instead of getUserManager()
  • is there anything else I should change?
  • can I split the three code blocks in the example into three PHP scripts? (I’m still new at PHP)

Thanks in advance

what exactly do you want to do?
which hook?

perhaps my stuff helps you in any kind

Thanks for the reply :slightly_smiling_face:
actually something similar for what you have done, but not to get the information of a file but to get what changes were made to that file (such as, deleting file, creating file or renaming file)
you can say to make a listener to the activities that are made by the server

since we are in the subject, for an app that listens to the NextCloud server, do you know how to create a hooks at administrative level, to monitor all activities done to the files, for all users all the time whether they are signed in or not?

there is an app called activity it listens to the server and return all the activities that are made to the files by that user, but only for the logged in user, I didn’t find in the documentations any hint to when I need.

Tanks a lot

the answer at this topic