NextCloud Server Listener


I have question regarding the NextCould server, assume I have NextCloud server installed, and I have an admin user, and I have 100 customers, is there any way integrated inside within the NextCould server or even as an app that listens to the NextCloud server and send notification to another place? meaning is there a feature in NextCould server to broadcast its processes? or any app would listen to the server and return back the results?
its more like the AWS SNS and AWS SQS if you are aware of them
Keep in mind I need the transmitting at admin level not user level, so if the 100 customers are doing some activities the process of all will be broadcasted
Thanks in advance

there is an app already comes with the NextCloud server called, Auditing / Logging which is behaving like a listener to the server, its basically uses the web hooks that listens to files activities

an example of renaming hook is this code