Propagation of a subscription calendar

I’m wondering if it is by design that a subscription calendar doesn’t show up in a calDav client?

In my NC 18 server I have a defined a subscription calendar for public holidays that gets its information from a And on my desktop I have setup Evolution as a calDav client to my NC server. The problem is that this public holiday calendar doesn’t show up in Evolution, there isn’t any problem with ordinary calendars.

Now I’m wondering if this is by design or some miscommunication between NC and Evolution or if I have to change some settings.

Of course I could point Evolution directly to but I would prefer to have it centralized in one place.

Nextcloud is able to expose calendar subscriptions as regular cached calendars, but only for whitelisted clients that don’t support calendar subscriptions (or clients that provide an X-NC-CalDAV-Webcal-Caching header, like the Nextcloud Calendar app).
There are currently no whitelisted clients in Nextcloud, but we could add Evolution for instance.

The possibilities I see:

  • Adding your subscriptions manually URL by URL (directly from in Evolution ;
  • Opening an issue on the Evolution bug tracker to ask them to support CalDAV exposed subscriptions. The DAVx⁵ app for Android does exactly this for instance ;
  • Opening an issue on the nextcloud/server repo to ask for Evolution to be whitelisted and Nextcloud exposing subscriptions as regular calendars.

Thanks for the info.

I will send an email to the Evolution mailing list to ask about the X-NC-CalDAV-Webcal-Caching, why it isn’t supported.

X-NC-CalDAV-Webcal-Caching is something specific for Nextcloud, what they need to support is detection of subscriptions exposed through CalDAV like DAVx⁵ does.

I had originally defined the Nextcloud account as a Gnome Online Account. It turned out that GOA has a bug, and if instead I defined it directly in Evolution it actually worked.

Link to the mailing list discussion