Can't see subscription calendar via caldav

Per request here I’m posting my question again in hope of some support and a resolution.

I’m using the caldav integration in Home Assistant to pull my calendars from my Nextcloud server (18.0.4). It works just fine for my regular calendars but it doesn’t seem to be able to get the subscriptions into HA. I found this Propagation of a subscription calendar and since adding the subscriptions manually won’t work, I’ll give this a try.

So, is it possible to whitelist calendar requests from Home Assistants caldav integration to make this work?
Im also going to try to contact the author of the actual HA integration to see if there’s any possibilities to add support from that side.

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Why doesn’t it work?

Not really.
You could either add the user-agent from HA into (but you’ll have to add it back after each update) or find a way for HA to send the X-NC-CalDAV-Webcal-Caching header when fetching calendars (definitely a hack, please don’t ask them to do this).

Yup, it would be great to know why you can’t add subscriptions manually and if they plan to add support to discover subscriptions through CalDAV.

Thanks for your feedback @tcit.
As far as I know from my testing, I’ve only been able to add one caldav account to my configuration. And therefore its not possible to add extra subscriptions manually in HA.

And even if it would be possible, I wouldn’t prefer it as I keep all my calendars in Nextcloud :confused:

I’ve also been trying to get some help and feedback from the HA community on this but no luck as of yet. The caldav integration doesnt seem to be the most favoured one =)