Processing Files after big file upload

So basically after uploading a 5GB file it takes about 1 minute processing files and then it finishes. Is there any way to speed up the processing files??

I also have a gigabit network speed ( LAN ) and I get 100MB/s downloading which is max speed but when uploading only reaches 75 MB/s


I would like to add one more thing here.

If I am uploading a large file, I would need double of that as free space in my disc.

I have noticed, upload happens to some temporary location, since at that time of processing, that file get’s copied from that temp location and written into the actual intended upload location.

It doesn’t create much of an issue for smaller files but an user like me, who has large files, it creates following problem,

  1. I need to have double the disc space of what I am uploading.
  2. In case of VM based setup, dynamic disk get’s expanded unnecessarily.

Why can’t it directly write to the intended uploaded location without consuming & needing such high temp space?


related to this problem on github this still “open issue” is tagged as “bug

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ok thanks supposedly theres a solution which is removing this “RedirectMatch 404 /(?!.well-known)(.)\w+” from the .htaccess file but I ve been searching and I cant seem to find my .htaccess file, does anyone know where it is located?

I suppose they are talking about the .htaccess file in the path of your nextcloud server

e.g. under ubuntu

Problem uploading files larger than 8-10MB - #4 by SokoFromNZ

because of i’m using nginx as reverse proxy and webserver for Nextcloud i can’t use the function of a .htaccess file (as far as i know; .htaccess support is reserved for apache2 webservers)

I managed to solve all the problems in my original post the one involving the processing time and the slow upload.

By default Chunked Uploads are enabled I dont know what the benefits are but I disabled them with

sudo -u www-data php occ config:app:set files max_chunk_size --value 0

and I dont get the processing files anymore its instantaneous and the download speed max outs in my LAN which is 1Gbit/s.

The downloads and uploads right now max out my internet everything is working fine.

In the picture above you can see that the graph basically max outs in upload and download at 1Gbps