Problems on update

Hi everybody.

On the last update it comes to me an error message and app on Win64 does not function yet.


I install the previous version, and it runs with no problems.
But appears everyday the reminder to update.
And if I update, it happens the same problem.

Where I’m wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Maybe related:
Desktop client on Windows won’ start libcrypto.dll missing

[Bug]: System Error - libcrypto-1_1-x64.dll not found after update to 3.9.1 (Windows 11) #5924

The proposed solution is “to simply uninstall Nextcloud and then reinstall it via the [latest] installer. Works without problems. Please download the installer from the website.”

I suppose the updater is doing something wrong. I cannot test this, since i don’t have Windows nor do i use the desktop client anyway.

I hope you get it working.