Problem with JS files migration from Owncloud

Nextcloud version: newest, migrated form newest Owncloud
PHP version: 7.1

I have migrated from OC like this: removed everything except config and data directories and then extracted the Nextcloud files to the directory. Tried to enter the site and upgrade by clicking on the button but at that time it alrady did not work - I couldn’t press it. So I got to SSH and successfully upgraded via console.

Right now, I can enter the site and login box pops up OK, yet I cannot login, because there’s problem with jQuery, and I am not sure what sort of, seems like jQ is not being included. Here’s what my Firefox console says. I have tried clearing cache or running from another browser - does not help.

ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined
OCA is not defined
OC is undefined

and so on, errors pop up several time each.

Any ideas what should I do? Tried maintenance:repair available from console.php but it did not really do anything.


Any ideas?

I have made a clean re-install of Nextcloud but still, after logging in (somehow I managed to login once, now I cannot logout, nor login from another browser), I see a lot of error like mentioned above in console - nothing really works as for some reason jQuery (and other libraries, I guess) seem not ot be loaded.

Can anyone suggest anything? Help appreciated

For these errors, I can’t find many references related to Nextcloud. Clearing the cache would have been my first idea as well. The server logfiles show any errors?
NC 12 should support php7.1, you could try php 7.0 or at least verify that no required modules are missing.

Another idea is that it could be related to your environment, some security modules are blocking things but they should log it. Or if you use a reverse proxy that “optimizes” you js and css files (is a known problem with cloudflare).

Similar error but without solution: