Problem mit external storage support Nextcloud broken

Am a relative newbie
I use Nextcloud on my Unraid.
My idea was that I wanted to make a backup of my data on my Synology via WebDav.
Then I read up and tried it with the Nextcloud on-board tools.
First I enabled external storage support 1.17.0 and set it up.
After that I set up backup.
Backup showed that it had started a restore point but was waiting for a message.
Then I went to logout.
On a new logon comes this image which is attached.
I had to restore Nextcloud via Appdata and disable the tool external storage support 1.17.0 on the admin user in Nextcloud so that it runs again.
I have already uninstalled and reinstalled Nextcloud but everything is the same.
As a database I have Maria DB running.

Can someone help me.

hi @iclassma welcome to the forum :handshake:

you are missing the required support template. Please fill this form out and edit into your post.

This will give us the technical info and logs needed to help you in case the machine in question in spitting out errors! Since you’ve provided zero technical details it is impossible to help you as-is. Thanks.

Please use the search - lot of issues have been discussed already

you bring far too many moving points into this issue. Please break them down into small pieces and solve your issue one by one…

Which kind of backup did you use, the backup app? Or something from synology?

The errors on your page are all new?

yes, that is a good point. If you encounter a problem during a backup, upgrade or whatever. Try to get some logfiles where you find an error. Using these messages often helps to identify the problem and that’s the moment to come here.

If you delete and install again, data can be lost, or you can create a lot more work than required. During an upgrade, perhaps on your system the database/webserver/backup-script uses too much resources and is shut down.

I would like to make a backup from the Unraid (data folder from Nextcloud pictures etc.) to my synology.

I have installed external storage support 1.17.0 on the Unraid in the Nextcloud app and set it up with WebDAV so that I can make the backup on the synology.

Then I installed and set up backup on Unraid in Nextcloud.

Then I wanted to make a backup.

And since then it doesn’t work anymore.

Thank god I had appbackup installed so I can use the last restore point to get into nextcloud.

So if I activate external storage support, nothing works anymore, deactivated everything works.