Problem Installing Windows Client

I’ve installed NextCloud server and have it working. I’ve installed the desktop client on 4 machines without any issues; however, a remote employee cannot get the desktop client to connect to the server. She is able to login to the server using a web browser, but the desktop client continues to report “host not found”. She has sent me screenshots of the client with the address she is using and it is correct. She has attempted to uninstall and re-install the client to no avail.

Has anyone else had this problem and/or does anyone else know what the problem might be?


Get away from the browser.

Can you ping your server? Which OS?
Can you resolve hostname?

Do you use an proxy?

Keep in mind that e.g. Firefox can have settings independant from system.

Which client version?
Which nc version?

We’ve been able to resolve the problem. Originally it was a DNS issue, but she tried to set things up prior to fixing that. Whatever happened before the DNS issue was resolved did something to the config file that caused a problem. Because uninstalling the app didn’t remove the config file from the AppData/Roaming directory, re-installing the app didn’t fix the problem. After having her uninstall, remove the AppData/Roaming/NextCloud directory, and reinstall did the app work.