Preconfigure Nextcloud Android App over MDM

Hello everybody,

we are using an on-prem hosted Nextcloud V23.0.7 (based on an Ubuntu Linux Server) with a connection to our on-prem hosted Active Directory.
Furthermore we manage all our mobile devices with Ivanti MobileIron MDM including the app deployment and configuration. Our MDM has the AD connector aswell and stores several variables like username, password (encrypted),… .

My current task is to deploy the nextcloud app with preconfigured variables. So the ~1600 users do not have to type in the serveradress or have to activate the automatic sync manually.

My question now is:
Is there a way to preconfigure the Android Nextcloud app via MDM? Are there any parameters I’m able to set remotely?
Especially the following settings would be helpful:

  • serveradress
  • username
  • password
  • activate and configure automatic sync/upload

Thanks a lot for your help!

Hello and welcome to the community help forum :wave:

There are build time switches for providing a preconfigured URL. If maintaining the configuration changes on code level for each relase is an option for you, have a look at the setup.xml file.

Everything else depends a bit on your MDM, but I personally am not aware of any other options fore predefining an URL…