(for private use) Intune MDM configuration for iOS devices


i found this thread about managing the nextcloud client for Android via MDM. It seems it is possible via an XML configuration.

In Microsoft Intune there is always an option to set xml configurations for every mobile app like in the named thread (or build your own one with an xml builder if you have variables).

My question is: Are there any variables for the iOS Nextcloud client App. From my perspective I have searched every site on the internet which has the word Nextcloud and iOS on it and I haven’t found anything.

There isn’t even an information about whether it is possible to manage this app on iOS or not :smiley:
Do I need an extra license for this feature? I’m going crazy searching for any piece of information about it.

I hope somebody can enlighten me about it.

I just want to pre-set an server connection for the app.

Thanks :heart:

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