Possibility to perform group operations on files

I am trying to synthesize what is written in different issues, hoping that a “comprehensive” issue can be useful for the developers.

Often there is the request for the possibility to perform group operations on files.
Multiple files can be selected in different ways:

  • they are a search result
  • they are a tag selection result
  • they are selected by hand

It would be really practical to have the possibility to perform operations as:

  • share all the selected files
  • tag all the selected files
  • delete

references and requests:

I’ll cite @oparoz as he could be interested…


To keep double structure here and on github doesn’t make sense. I think there is nothing to discuss here, it more a waiting game until a developer implements this feature. Let’s mark it as solved here and redirect people to github:

I would love to have the possibility to move the selected files, too.