Some usability issues in NC11 (and GH issues for them)

###1. Bulk move

I was psyched to see move finally introduced in NC 11 and while it works perfectly for single files, there’s no option to move a selection of files.

###2. Shift & select still missing in 11

I thought this was coming back in 11 after going missing at some point in the past, but it doesn’t appear to be working for me.

###3. Clicking select all on filtered search still selects all files in the folder and not only those filtered.

In the absence of shift+select this would be my next go-to, unfortunately for me it’ll still only select all files in a directory or none, not those within the criterion specified.

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You can only ask for some thumbs up on your github issue. But there isn’t anything else for your topic we can do on the forum.

I know, sharing for visibility and/or “me too” discussions.

As it turns out I was doing shift+click wrong (can you believe it…) so that’s solved.

The possilbility to select the search results is a recurring theme in the forum:

and on Github:

plus yours:

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+1 for the “bulk move” issue

Such +1 doesn’t help, it only clutters the forum. If you want to support it, you can give the github issues a thumb up (on the initial posting) or even support it via bountysource: