Port forward to nextcloud and work with only office

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Looking for some suggestion. I am not using docker, direct deploy nextcloud and onlyoffice to different centos 9 server. Internal access work fine on nextcloud with onlyoffice. But sound onlyoffice force to use 443 with SSL secure connection on public connection. And I try use port forward from firewall to nextcloud port 443 from public Ip which can not work, will claim protocol error . Any suggestion of my environment?

Only 1 public IP.
Nextcloud and Onlyoffice on different server
maintenance sanp auto renew on letencrypt certificate

Nextcloud and Onlyoffice are two different applications and must be accessible from outside (look at Collabora integration guide to understand how wopi protocol used for Office integration in Nextcloud works).

Best way to expose 2 applications using one public IP a reverseproxy which would be the target for port forwarding and terminate incoming connection and depending on the destination (e.g. using SNI) forward the request to the respective system.

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thank reply, solved by other way. now on testing

please describe the solution - maybe it helps others!