Podcast RSS feed from a (shared) folder

… somtimes I wish I could put some mp3-files into a folder of my Nextcloud and a special app would generate a Podcast RSS feed of this folder which can be subscribed via a podcatcher …


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@anon99252149 as audio expert can perhaps say if such an app could be possible???

Hmm… might be possible to have an external WebDAV folder that links to a CMS like Wordpress or Joomla (both have some WebDAV plugins I believe) and then have those work with a Podcast plugin?

Alternatively the PicoCMS app might work for what you have in mind, with this https://github.com/MattByName/Pico-RssMaker plugin?

Just some ideas though… not an Podcast feed expert :wink:

Btw: There used to be a really nice Podcast plugin for Owncloud:

interesting request.
basically it would require a little loop over a directory and provide an XML file via a public/shared API.
Code itself is not too complicated - e.g. this hier is pretty much usable with some adaptations to NC backend

Motivate someone from the Profis here - 1 day effort I would guess.
Semi - 3 days.
Beginner - 2 weeks :slight_smile:

building it on top of the Audio Player data would avoid scanning ID3 every time and would reduce server load as the tags are in the DB already.
being generic would read some ID3 for every XML creation

Just came across this:

Which does exactly what you want but from a public web directory.

Now I think you can mount a local directory on the same server through the external storage app, which should give you the option to upload files into a public web directory. Alternatively there might be an option to transfer it to another server though webdav.

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thanks for all the response :slight_smile: