Please add optional Dark Theme for this forum

A Dark Theme option for this forum would be great! Not a high profile issue, but would be much appreciated. If you need help with creating a theme, I can help. Let me know on basic theme settings and I’ll test them across a Discourse forum I maintain.

If this is of interest…
Simplest bet is to add a theme selection directly with the hamburger menu drop-down on the upper left. This is exactly what offers.
Here is a simple theme component for toggling a dark mode, once you’ve setup the secondary theme.
Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 8.54.21 PM
This component will adjust the theme choice based on if you set Dark Mode in your browser.


I’m on this discourse around 22h00 / 02h00 and 04h00. A dark mode is crucial for me too


@mfx Here is more info on adding a dark theme for this forum. Hopefully, @rakekniven or someone else can assist.


It‘s literally two clicks to add a theme in discourse.

Sorry but my rights are not sufficient here @staff anyone please?

Use a modern browser with built in night mode :wink:

This is nice as a workaround, but adding a dark mode option to this forum is quite straightforward, so it would be great to build in!

Update: automatic browser switching to dark mode is now supported. Literally all you have to do is install a dark theme at this point and enable auto-switching by default.

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Is this that brave browser that claimed to be super privacy orientated but sent all your browsing history back home?

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dark theme is there.
Please check your settings and give it a try:


Does this work for you?


Thank you!! It works.

I see it! A couple suggestions:


  1. Theming of the component itself is off in the Light theme. Admin should be able to adjust it via then click the component and select Edit CSS
    to match your existing light theme. The switcher is normally meant to be displayed by default. Or you can remove the component so users just select the theme Dark or `Light’ directly from Preferences / Interface as you linked.

One other suggestion:

I urge the person setting this up to match it against your existing color scheme used in Nextcloud. No reason to lose that beautiful blue over high contrast.

The way the admin can easily match the color pallet for the dark theme is to browse to

You’ll be able to access and modify all color values by selecting the themes on the left.

You’ll see all of your color values on the right hand side for easy editing so you can keep the blue Nextcloud header, etc. It’ll look like this:

edit: Another option for crafting the dark theme is you can copy the existing theme, by first exporting it then re-importing it as “Nextcloud Dark” or some other name. Use the Preview button to see what it looks like in a different browser tab.

Click here for a detailed breakdown in getting started with Discourse theming. Clearly explains what everything does: color values, etc.


I will have a look at this later. It was a quick try to give you a dark mode.


Thank you!

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It totally works. I hope this sounds useful rather than rude. Just suggestions to match the branding and such.

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All is well. Every constructive proposal is worth something and can lead to improvement.

Relaxed weekend!

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Does not seem to work fully:

But thanx for the effort, its a welcome addition…

What, It works wonderful for me?

Nate, look at the screenshot i posted, this is chrome on android, but it looks the same on firefox android here the same screen with standard theme, see the missing (black on black upper abd lower parts of the side menu…

only the categories are visible in dark theme.

@FadeFx Take a screenshot of the image in Dark Theme and again in Light Theme. For side-by-side comparison. Otherwise, too confusing.

Browser on desktop or mobile?

On font color

Text in Topic Preview List, installed as either a plugin or component, is same grey on light and dark theme. See below.