Playing Video - mkv and webm not playing


I am trying to play mkv and webm videos in Firefox but they won’t play. I can play mp4’s without any problems. Additionally when I play a video there is no close the pop up player button. Any ideas how to sort please?



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I would like too to understand how to improve video playback, as I have idea to have my all video tutorials on nextcloud and play them whatever I want with web browser or mobile app, but usually I have to leave it with disappointment and just simply download video first.
Ideas how to improve or best practice very welcome.

Nextcloud uses the files_videoplayer app for playing videos, which uses Video.js. I would check-out that website to get an idea which video formats are supported.

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As far as I know, the easiest solution is to transcode the video and put it in an MP4 container. Matroska has never been a container with a broad audience. If the audio and video streams are already compatible the transcoding should be pretty fast too. Here’s a troubleshooting guide that might offer you some help.

Browsers usually only support mpeg4 or Vp9 video and opus or mp3 audio in mp4 containers.

codec supported by firefox:

Yes, in my case this was the problem. I was able to play mkv file with Chrome, but in Firefox I had the error as described in this case :slightly_frowning_face:

There also qustion concernig this here:

And thre is also bug report on it in Firefox