Is there MKV support

Let try this again and without attacking me for it

No .mkv support?

Hello. It’s a little unclear what your needs are, so I don’t know how best to help you. If you’re unable to get a certain format working in your web browser with Nextcloud, you should still be able to stream it via HTTP - this might work in your browser without the JS players, and it will definitely work in a standalone player like VLC.

For troubleshooting why a format might not work inside Nextcloud, it will depend what browser you’re using. It also looks like there are two different viewer apps that might be installed on your instance: old/current “Videos player” and new “Viewer”. The admin Apps page should show which is installed.
If you’re using the old one, it’s based on the video.js player, which has a FAQ and troubleshooting here. It has plugins to support many formats, but I don’t know which it ships with on Nextcloud. Both players will also require that your browser support whatever format you’re using.

Why thank you very much for your response.

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They tell you to better first search the forums before opening a new thread… so i daresay you didn‘t really search for a solution but just shot out your problem… (without paying attention to anything ask from you here)…

So I think it was more then nice from @mactrent to help you here.

Hopefully you‘ll do better with your next thread.

What did I do now? I asked very nicely and even said thank you and you are still going to give me shit? OMG. Wow.

I can’t believe there is actually an online community that behaves likes this. WTF?

Mmh, seems that he thinks about some existing threads about this. But I cant find any thread except old threads : Video app problem , VideoApp AC3 audio support, Nextcloud and avi, mkv and other formats and threads with no real solution Playing Video - mkv and webm not playing . It seems to be related to firefox browser.
Since @Adra is a newcomer, its fine to just quote these links and strongly recommend the search functionality instead of being rough @JimmyKater

@Adra yes you asked nicely. But being a mod here I need to remind ppl about what they agreed to when creating an account.

@bastien my time here is very limited right now. I don’t have any time doing all the searching for everyone. Plus I think I wasn’t really rude. Thanks though for your hint

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