Pictures looses gps exif after uploading

NC 21.0.1

When pictures with gps meta data are uploaded via windows-client the gps meta data are gone.

Do anyone knows ths issue and can give me a hint vor solution?


can’t verify it

While uploading via webinterface you are right.

Please check the hashes e.g. md5, sha-256.

Use e.g. Hash & Validate - Online MD5, SHA1, SHA256 and CRC32 file hasher
You can also use operation system functions e.g. md5sum or sha256sum.
For Windows there are perhaps infos in file info.


  • original
  • re-downloaded version

Is there really a difference?
If yes Nextcloud has got an integrity problem.
That is a no-go for every software.

Data integrity - Wikipedia

I’m using the windows sync client 3.2.1 and GPS data were not removed in my case

Thank you for your info.

We tested again today and found that the problem “only” occurred from a cell phone and only yesterday. That will currently be checked. We saw the error in the client and thought the cause is there.

Hi @frank.osthoff

Is this cell phone an iPhone? Didn’t they intoduce some new privacy feature recently, that automatically removes geo tags from photos, when they are shared via some messenger or other app? I’m not really familiar with iOS, but I think I read something like this a while ago…

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It was this thread: Metadata of iPhone photos uploaded in a shared folder - #6 by szaimen

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@b77: Not an iPhone but a similar problem.

This is probably a problem with the type of upload. Everything is ok with the client, but if the sharing function of the mobile phone is used, the information is deleted. This is then due to the privacy settings of the cell phone. Many thanks to everyone for your support!