Metadata of iPhone photos uploaded in a shared folder

I have shared a folder and allowed to upload photos.
When I do this from an iPhone I get the photos, but the exif data is removed.
My iPhone photo sharing settings are set to include location and metadata when sharing a photo.

I found that thread, but it is unanswered.

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I very much doubt that Nextcloud is removing any data. That’s not the way that Nextcloud works on any other operating system and would be completely in violation of the whole concept of a data store. This means that either the metadata was never part of the file to begin with, or apple is forcing Nextcloud to manipulate the data rather than providing access to the filesystem as it should.

The metadata is definitely included in the image. When I use the apple share function and attach an image i.e. to an email, the metadata is exported with the image.

I agree, that apple removes the metadata.

But I assume, here are many apple users having seen the same and maybe someone knows how to upload images with metadata.

You misunderstand. What I mean is at what point is the metadata added into the image? Does apple store the metadata in the image file in the filesystem as it should be? Or do they store the metadata in a database and provide it to the recipient later and separately?

I couldn’t speak to the number of apple users here, there may not be many. Apple users are a minority to begin with, and they tend to typically be non-technically minded. That would make you a minority within a minority.

Can confirm that photos don’t have Exif metadata when:

  • a recipient, not being a user with a Nextcloud account;
  • uploads photos via the browser on the iPhone;
  • to a shared folder which allows ‘uploading and editing’.

Hi, I’ve found this answer for you: php - Image upload from iPhone strips exif data - Stack Overflow
So in conclusion: don’t use any iOS or iPadOS device when uploading pictures to Nextcloud via Browser if you want to keep the exif informations.

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