Photo backup alternative to Nextcloud app

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Anyone know another app that can auto-upload photos & videos to Nextcloud besides the Nextcloud app?

I want to (continue to) automatically back up photos on my Fairphone 4 to my Nextcloud server. I’ve been using the Nextcloud app for years, but recently I noticed it is using a lot of battery. I’m worried about the many existing “battery drain” issues in their tracker like this one from 2020. The app also has other things I don’t like: I don’t get notifications because I use the F-Droid version and mobile editing is unpleasant. I’ve found workarounds for those, but I’m unable to workaround the battery draining (I tried restricting battery use, but that causes a persistent “Preparing auto upload” notification and the app still seems to drain battery). I uninstalled it for now.

The features I want are (a) auto-upload new photos and videos and (b) sorting into year/month folders. I only really need (a).

App battery usage seems like a tricky thing to diagnose and mitigate. I found Why is Android client using so much battery and Battery draining on android · Issue #7663 · nextcloud/android · GitHub and tried searching for advice and changing settings around quite a bit.

One user in the Matrix chat suggested using Round-Sync.

You can try Les Pas