Personalized File Drop


I there a way that I could have a file drop share link
But when someone uses the share link it prior to start the upload
it would ask the name of that person and create a folder based on that name or prefix the filename with that name?

I don’t want to have to create user space… but would like to be able to know who dropped a file

Right now whoever uses the the file drop link files are all in the same folder.


hi @HelSan welcome to the forum :handshake:

I don’t think you can achieve this easily. I see two options:

  • you create one file drop share per user
  • you use authentication - either as regular users or guests so the user is required to login before uploading a file

I was trying to bypass the creation of random shares or random users.
Depending on the project it can be a dozen users or hundreds of them.

I wish it could ask for a prefix before droping the file.
And that prefix could be used on the files name.

ie: Random user Paul all files would have Paul_filename.ext


This is a great point and would be very useful to our use of Nextcloud also.

Thanks for the suggestion on Guest plugin, however, I agree with @HelSan and would like this without authentication – just as the File Drop feature as it is. Guest plugin would also give them too much access (I don’t want or need reshare or for them to see Activity, etc).

How to turn this into a feature request for File Drop then perhaps?


I had exactly the same idea. Maybe someone will program it.

App for custom file-drop - it is soon christmas again