App for custom file-drop - it is soon christmas again

I like Nextcloud very much and there are a lot of nice apps at .

Maybe there is a developer and needs a new software project. I like the function file-drop and also upload/editing for folders. But the problem is the fact if i share the link with e.g. 10 users i get all of the files in the same folder. Yes i can use 10 different shares or configure 10 users for the app Guests. But let’s imagine that all this is too complicated for me. I only want to share one link to 10 users.

There should be an app where the user first has to specify a folder name like “my name” to be able to upload the files to his subfolder “my name”. Now if 10 people have uploaded e.g. pictures to me, they each have their own folder created and I don’t have a mess.

Or is there perhaps an app that already provides this today?

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How would it know the unauthenticated user is different? A folder per source IP?

Not needed to separate with IP. Only name needed. Maybe like Nextycloud Polls anonymous registration with or without email. Used names not allowed.

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So you would have them enter a guest user name at the file drop screen and then dump into a folder with that name?

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Yes. That would be cool.

I need that feature, too! Thats the only thing that is BETTER with Dropbox! There uploaders can ad a Name in a Field in the Filedrop and the name is added to the filename. Now i never know what customer uploaded what file to me, i can not understand why such a easy and important feature is not implemented in Nextcloud :frowning: if anyone got a solution, please let me know!

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I don’t understand that either. Sometimes I think that developers only write software and don’t use their own software at all.

Well if nothing works, i will make for example a Wordpress Site for Upload (with Form for example) as Frontend. Than sync the uploads Serverside with my Nextcloud by WebDav. But this is such a simple feature, i still hope any developper will make something, so anonymous uploaders can add a Name to know, WHO uploaded something for me and some customization posibilitys for the upload site (would like to add some html or a bigger logo there). Dont want to go back to Dropbox just to get that feature :frowning:

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moved from development. It’s a feature request, no questions about the implementation or something like that. Or if someone wants to support it we can move it to the freelance-section.

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This is a much sort after feature that Synology uploads also have. This simple feature involves sending out a common upload file request link and after opening the link the uploader is instructed to enter their name which will be the folder name and there is a multiple file upload facility so that the files are then placed in that created folder so it is easy for admin to see where the files have come from. There is also an indicator that shows the uploader that each file has been successfully uploaded. The uploaders only ever see this instructional template but never see any folder structure. I understand that unique links are available for each uploader already in nextcloud but as suggested a generic link that is made “unique” by the uploader creating a folder with their name is a much better workflow. Thanks for all the hard work from the developers.

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Thank you for your reply. Meanwhile I’m afraid that all this is not as easy as I thought, that file sharing is not designed for this. But I could imagine a completely independent Nextcloud app that, similar to Polls or Forms imput fields, creates a real, custom Nextcloud share on a subfolder with that unique input name. However, it could be that certain restrictions of Nextcloud or issues like this prevent this in the end.

However, if it is programmed in a separate app independently of the actual sharing while adhering to the standard APIs, I don’t see any security problems. Even deleting this app would be possible, since all shares would comply with the standard but only auto generated from the app.

As said. Maybe someone might program it for me. After all, it’s Christmas soon. :christmas_tree: