Path to nextcloud directory?


I’m running Nextcloud (Docker image) on an Ubuntu 16.04 VPS server administered through Plesk. Through SSH I ran find / -type d -iname 'nextcloud' and the only instances of ‘nextcloud’ I found were within either the /var/lib/docker or /var/lib/aufs directories.

Did I not mount a Nextcloud directory somewhere? I ask because Plesk tells me that the Nextcloud volume is not mounted on /var/www/html.

Thanks for any help.

Do you remember using … -v /ubuntupath/nextcloud:/data …
That’s generally the switch to mount the data drive.
Which docker container are you using?

Thanks for the reply, I appreciate all of it.

When I do a docker images command it tells me that I’m running the latest version.

I installed this Nextcloud docker image using the Plesk GUI, so I wasn’t able to add any parameters to a docker run command. Should I remove the existing container and then do something from the cli like docker run -d --name nextcloud15 -v /ubuntupath/nextcloud:/data nextcloud:latest? Do I need to replace “ubuntupath” with something more absolute?

Forgive my newbiness. I can barely ls my way around a server let alone do docker stuff with confidence.

Yes, you need the “/ubuntupath/nextcloud” to be a valid path on your docker host, or rather you ubuntu server.
This is where your documents and pictures will be stored on the ubuntu machine that nextcloud will have access to.

The way it works is that the /data folder inside the nextcloud docker will be mapped to a folder on your ubuntu host. This is designed so that any time you update your nextcloud docker it will not erase your data.

You might also want to include “-v /ubuntupath/nextcloudconfig:/config” this is where your next cloud configuration lives, you want persistence across both folders when you are upgrading your docker container.

Check this out for a little light reading…

Thanks very much for the information. This is good stuff to include in the official documentation, perhaps in an “Installing the Docker Image” section.