After a proof-of-concept installation, newbie tries to get something substantial going


During a recent kick-the-tires trial run (Docker “latest”), I asked some newbie questions here and got great advice from members of the NC community. In particular, GlaucomaPredator helped me start wrapping my head around setting Docker container paths for things like data, config files, etc.

Now I want to get something running that is better than the OOTB SQLite-based setup. I configured my apache http server for mod_proxy so I could have as the URL for the login page, and that seems to work fine (redirects toward My first question for this hopefully-not-quite-so-newbie install is: do I need SSL set up for both the address (which I have set) and the address?

Thanks for any insight.

yes. you need either for both server names a certificate or a wildcard certificate for *

Thanks very much for the reply. I will make it so.