Passwords App not present in Nexcloudpi

Hi everyone, I’ve been asking a couple of things about nextcloud the other time but not what happened was i encountered an emergency recovery mode after rebooting. long story short, I had to reformat my sd card and i thought of using nextcloudpi. I noticed that when checking via Apps section in the nextcloudpi, it doesn’t have the Password apps? Is this intended or Am I missing something?

I’m not using NCP anymore (not because I was ever disappointed about it, the in contrary. There were other reasons) but I think there’s no logical reason why it shouldn’t be featured anymore.

Suggestion: burn image to another SD and spin it up quickly to find out yourself if this app could be downloaded from the appstore and would work. If yes: try it on your productive system

The passwords app is just that… a completely secondary passwords app you can install.

Passwords has nothing to do with NextcloudPi as a project.
There is no need to install, but you can install it from the app store in the top right menu of Nextcloud as an admin. Hope this clarifies for you!

NextcloudPi is actually managed by scripts you can access on the terminal using ncp-config or in your browser under YOUR-IP-OR-URL:4443

Don’t forget to backup!

To prevent data loss you’ll want to start making backups to external disk, because SD Cards can and will fail. You can schedule this in nextcloudpi as a script using btrfs, rsync, etc. This will make sure you always keep backups of your Nextcloud data folders and ncp profiles handy for easy recovery.

Thanks, it’s just that I am not able to locate Passwords when i logged in as admin, then go to App and search for Passwords. It’s the same also with Mail. I don’t seem to see it there too?

In that case you are missing the required support template. Please fill this form out and edit into your post.

This will give us the technical info and logs needed to help you! Thanks.

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