Passman how does it work?

is there any manual available how to use passman? There are many settings to configure a password within the vault. And configuring the chrome extension there is a new password to fill in called the “master password”, but that doesn’t work anymore after i lock the extension and try to login again. Although i’m sure using the same master password it gives “invalid master password”.

I tried to delete my vault and there is a “Destruction request” send, but where is it send to i can’t find it back anywhere to confirm the destruction so it is really deleted.

I’m looking for some configuration, how to use examples and/or a manual

Some basic information can be found in the readme of the github-repo:

There is also a wiki but it does not contain a lot of information.

Is there a tutorial anywhere on how to set it up, what browsers its compatible with, etc?

As far as I have tested it, it is just an app in Nextcloud, meaning it should be compatible with all modern browsers once you are logged in. I’m not sure if you can sync it with an external client or if Browser plugins are planned @brantje

Hi there,
We have a extension for chrome:
The one for firefox is currently under review.

Also, the master password bug has been fixed, so should be able to login again.

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