Will update make password unusable

Will update the app itself, could break any stored passwords or vaults?

That should not happen (as a planned feature) but during updates there can be bugs or other problems. So it is always recommended to make backups before. Also worth is testing a recovery with the backed up data, we have seen some cases where people forgot to backup the database or config-file.

Yeah, i get what you mean.
On NC 11 there is some work to be done after every update.

I’ve read somewhere that on 12, this would have improved (at least by not disabling all apps).
Thanks, i’ll make the necessary backups.

Updating from NC11 to NC12 won’t break any vaults / password.
I’ve tested this myself multiple times.
But as @tflidd said, always make backups.


Thanks i did, and also it wasn’t necessary :slight_smile: