Partner page listing for OwnCube

Continuing the discussion from OwnCube Server crash lost customer data, plus no backups available despite purchase:

At risk of starting an angry thread, I’m curious about this as well. Trying to find them on the partner page, but I see no listing… can you help me out with it @adk

edit: Okay, found a press release: Nextcloud lowers barrier to privacy-protecting personal cloud, introducing Simple Signup - Nextcloud

Hi just, the idea was to add a note to warn about OwnCube somewhere. Maybe the partner page is not appropriate for this but rather the GitHub - nextcloud/providers: community-maintained list of Nextcloud providers repo…

Due to the company’s name, some association to OwnCloud/NextCloud cloud be suggested.

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Great, wanted to confirm the company is not actually a partner. According to the website they are not.