Panel becomes inactive when downloading a file of 14GB or more

I noticed that when someone downloaded a heavy file of 14GB or more, the NextCloud panel becomes inactive but the download continues. I need a solution for this. it keeps loading and nothing and gives the timeout error

First thing to check is your actual server setup, including system specs and logs.

Hi @Gabriel_Bomfim_Silva,
You are missing the required support template. Please fill this form out and edit into your post.

What are your actual server specs? What kind of hardware?

  • CPU type
    • arm64 or x86-64
  • How much RAM
    • If less than 4gb ram by itself, that is very low.
  • How fast is your network speed?
    • If only xx mb/s of speed, you are hurting.
    • Please do not run your server over wifi. Very very slow.
    • Upgrade your network to wired gigabit if you can. Will greatly increase speeds.
    • External networking speeds will be hampered by your actual ISP speeds.
  • What kind of disks?
    • Spinning sata is fair
    • USB 2.0 external spinning drive garbage
    • Micro-SD card garbage
    • eMMC is not good
    • USB 3.0 external drive is fair for light usage
    • nvme Good!
    • SSD Good!
  • How many users?
  • Are you using one of the office suites?
    • Collabora CODE, OnlyOffice, etc?
    • If so, less than an additional two cores and additional 4gb ram is horrible.
  • Are you running other services on the same machine?
    • Matrix, Jellyfin, Jitsi, ?
    • If yes, you’ll need even more ram, etc.

This will give us the technical info and logs needed to help you! Thanks.

CPU Type
How much RAM
What is your network speed? 4gb.
Please do not run your server via wifi. Very, very slow.
Upgrade your network to wired gigabit if you can. It will greatly increase speeds.
External network speeds will be hampered by your ISP’s current speeds. I use Oracle Cloud VPS

Bro, the business and when you go to download and the site crashes it doesn’t load but if you pause or cancel the download the site will load normally again

It is related to your config and setup.

Does this mean free tier? Never used it myself, but I would consult their documentation and support.

Yes, it is a free level with 24gb of ram and 4 cpu cores 4gb of network